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Fascinating Historical Exhibition

14th Century background

A glimpse of life in England as The Great Barn was being built.

The 14th Century was a time of major change in England. Go back in time to understand the major events in the country as the monks of Waverley Abbey were building The Great Barn.

About The Great Barn and its surroundings

Absorbing detail about The Great Barn.

Comprehensive descriptions of how The Great Barn was built, what it was used for and the academic studies that dated the timbers.

The story of 10,000 years of Wanborough history.

Discover the Pre-historic origins of Wanborough, the finds from the Roman Temples, the robbers and the changes to the law that resulted, the Domesday Book, the secrets of the SOE base in Wanborough Manor plus much more.

Fascinating multi-media presentation

The story of Waverley Abbey, its construction and use of The Great Barn.

From the founding of Waverley Abbey, to the dissolution of the monasteries to The Great Barn today - a captivating historical insight.